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Brown Fox T-Shirt

Type of T-Shirt Exclusive Round Neck Brown Fox T-Shirt
Eco friendly high-quality printed design t-shirt
Sleeve style short sleeve
Color Grey | Golden Yellow | Sky blue | Magenta | Green |Black | White
T-Shirt Measurement XS: length: 23 inch & chest: 34 inches
S: length: 25 inch & chest: 36 inches
M: length: 26 inch & chest: 37 inches
L: length: 27 inch & chest: 38 inches
XL: length: 28 inch & chest: 40 inches
 XX: length: 29 inch & Chest: 42 inches
Fabric type 100% cotton fabric
Fabrication Fabric GSM 160 to 180
Fit slim fit / custom fit
Print type Screen Print / Hit transfer / Digital Print
Inspection 100% inspection per piece and poly checked
Poly type One piece per poly bag
Stitching Type Brother / Zuki/ Jak/ High quality stitching machine
Made in Bangladesh
Ship any country by TT advance payment


The T-shirt fits says a lot about its wearer. Unintentionally baggy, with sleeves flopping sadly from the shoulder and excess fabric creating a tent around your torso, gives the impression of a man who has given up. On the other hand, exploding seams and a stuffed sausage-skin fit sends the opposite message, of a man who can’t get his own reflection out of his head.

The perfect-fitting example emphasizes parts of the body you’re proudest of, without drawing attention to the areas you’re conscious of. Confused? Before trying one on, look at your naked torso in the mirror and ask yourself what your best attribute is.


Men’s T-Shirts

Arms: Whether rolled or regular, sleeves should hit around the halfway point on your upper arm to show off your biceps and triceps.

Shoulders: Aim for a slim-fitting style that skims through this part of the body, leaving enough room for air to circulate.

Narrow Waist: Guys with bigger chests and/or narrow waists should look for tapered cuts that don’t drape around your mid-section.


If not entirely confident of your body – a feeling that affects many of us – or nothing stands out, opt for a classic fit T-Shirt. Don’t oversize in an attempt to conceal the lumps or buy smaller to exaggerate others features, no matter how much you want to show off the results of that arm workout.

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